School Year
Interested? Call for 
more information
or to schedule a visit  
to shadow a Padre Pio
student at the school.
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May 13th
Graduation Luncheon

May 14th
Feast of Ascension

May 15th
Last day for 8th

Graduation 6 pm
at St. Joseph's
Parish, Shawnee,

Pot-Luck Reception
following graduation
Everyone welcome! 

May 22nd
Last day of school.
Dismissal from park

June 3rd
Report cards mailed
for all who have 
paid tuition in full. 



School Admission

As a Catholic school, we strive to fulfill the Church's mandate to evangelize by considering each student for enrollment without regard to race, ethnicity or religious affiliation. However, any student that is admitted is done so with the explicit understanding that he must participate fully in the daily life of the school. This full participation will include Religion classes, daily prayers and devotions, as well as attendance at our weekly Mass.

Potential candidates are required to fill out a pre-registration form and submit three letters of recommendation; the letters may come from priests, previous teachers or personal friends. The parents or guardians enrolling a child must also provide the child's latest report cards. Should this pre-registration information indicate that a student is eligible to pursue enrollment, the family will be contacted to arrange an interview between the child(ren), the parents and the Principal. Prior to the interview, the child(ren) will be given our assessment tests in Math, Reading, Spelling and Grammar. If the student applicant is admitted, complete registration paperwork must be filled out and turned in along with a non-refundable $500.00 deposit.  This $500.00 will go toward book fees and/or your first month's tuition. 

Please note that, for the benefit of the child as well as the teacher, any known prior concern or problem that could affect a child's performance in the classroom setting must be fully disclosed by the parents. If that concern or problem is not disclosed prior to admission, it could be cause for removal of the child from the school and termination of the tuition contract.

As the Catholic Church has stated in her teachings, schools should have a special concern for those families that face financial difficulties but wish to provide a Catholic education for their children. To fulfill this mandate, financial assistance is made available on the basis of the family's need, which will be assessed according to the financial information provided by the parents.