School Year
Interested? Call for 
more information
or to schedule a visit  
to shadow a Padre Pio
student at the school.
Space is limited.


Saturday, Aug 16th
Work day starting at
8 am followed by fun
day at Lake Quivira.
Bring a picnic lunch,
your bathing suit, a
towel and sunscreen
for a day of fun with
your classmates. 

Monday, Aug 18th
1st Day of Teacher

Wednesday, Aug 20th
Retesting of students
at 9 am

Saturday, Aug 23rd
Adult PIO mtg at 7pm

Sunday, Aug 24th
Knight's of Columbus
picnic.  Padre Pio
helps serve.

Tuesday, Aug 26th
Final Registration at
9 am.  Bring paperwork
and supplies to the
classrooms.  Each
teacher will give a
brief talk about rules
to parents. Schedule

Wednesday, Aug 27th
New family conferences
You will be contacted
by the school for a 15
minute conference with
your teacher.

Tuesday, Sept 2nd
4th-8th grade girls
choir practice for first
day of school.

Wednesday, Sept 3rd
First day of school at
8 am.  Mass at 8:15.
Parents welcome at

Monday, Sept 8th
Blessed Mother's
Birthday!  Rosary
in the afternoon.

2013-14 Faculty Staff Members 

Mrs. Kate Geer (Kindergarten)  Mrs. Geer has her Bachelors of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University.  She taught at the Koinonia Homeschool Coop in Michigan prior to coming to Padre Pio Academy.  Her soft-spoken gentle way of redirecting the students has truly been a blessing for the newest members of the Padre Pio community.  Our youngest students leave the classroom knowing the Love that God has for each and every one of them thanks to Mrs. Geer and our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program.

Miss Kirstie Alexander (Grades 1 and 2)  Miss Alexander has her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Benedictine College.  She is our newest addition to the Padre Pio family.  Her energy and enthusiasm for teaching is exemplified in the classroom.   The children love her sweet smile and how soft spoken she is. 

Mrs. Linda Harbourne (Grades 3 and 4)  In addition to her Master's degree from St. Mary's University, Mrs. Harbourne brings over 20 years of teaching experience to our school! Mrs. Harbourne explores how each student learns and works with the parents to achieve amazing results. Her years of experience in the classroom is truly a blessing!

Mrs. Karen Hernandez (Dean of Faculty, Grades 5 and 6)  A native of the Kansas City Metro, Mrs. Hernandez is one of those very special individuals who, after gathering much valuable life experience, turned to education as a way to help others achieve. Her background includes supervisory and leadership roles in several industries.  As the mother of a Padre Pio Academy graduate, she is particularly attuned to the needs of both students and their parents. 

Miss Courtney Dunn (Grades 7 and 8)  After completing high school here in her native Kansas, Miss Dunn chose California’s Thomas Aquinas College for her undergraduate work. Her background includes expertise in eye-related health technology and three years experience tutoring for an organization serving mostly underprivileged children in the Washington DC area. 

Miss Laura Lynn Schneller (Dean of Students, Administrative Assistant)   Miss Schneller has her Bachelor's of Arts Degree from Benedictine with majors in Theology and Philosophy.  She has worked with the summer program for ADHD kids at Children's Mercy Hospital.  Her love for the faith and God-given talents have been such an inspiration to all the students. 

Mrs. Joanne Hanson (Administrator)  Padre Pio Academy co-founder and chairman of the board, Mrs. Hanson is a lifelong resident of Kansas with deep family roots in northwestern Johnson County. She brings a nursing educator background and career experience as a Registered Nurse to our science curriculum, giving it a unique practical perspective.

Mrs. Bridget Weber (Art, Latin, 7th-8th Science & 5th-8th Grammar) In addition to her degree from Minnesota State University, Mrs. Weber has a particularly unique qualification—her Mother founded a school in Minnesota very similar in style to Padre Pio Academy. Having grown up and taught in that atmosphere, Mrs. Weber is especially adept at making the most of a student’s Padre Pio experience. 

Ms. Darlene Summerour (Music)  "I love music!" is what we heard recently from one our students.  A Bachelor's of Music Education from St. Mary's University followed by a Masters in Music Education from UMKC's Conservatory of Music has given Mrs. Summerour all the tools to be a fabulous music instructor.  To top it off, her 35 years of teaching experience prior to Padre Pio Academy has greatly enriched the music program at the school. 

Mrs. Maria Klassen (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd) Mrs. Klassen, a part time editor for Ignatius Press, found out about the Catechesis program many years ago.  She "fell in love" with the program and started the training. This is her first catechesis class and her love for working with these young students is very evident in the classes she provides.  If you haven't heard about this program, I encourage you to learn more.  It is an amazing Apostolate for teaching these innocent souls the love God has for each one of them.

Mrs. Dawn Basch (Speech Therapist)

Mrs. Hilary Trossen (Occupational Therapist)