Our Division Winner and Science teacher, Mr. Shoulta.



Science Pioneer Annual Science Fair 

One of our students was a Division Winner!  Nine of our students earned a Gold Medal, 7 earned a Silver and 1 earned a Bronze.

Faced with a cafeteria full of budding science fair contestants, our 7th and 8th graders, prepared themselves for the scrutiny they would face from judges at the fair. They may have found these enthusiastic questions far more difficult to answer than the true judges Wednesday evening. 

We are proud of all our 7th and 8th grade students who participated in Kansas City's largest science fair of the year on Wednesday, April 5th. Our students met with judges and, when asked, explained their projects, or bits and pieces of them, to each judge who stopped to ask questions.  

These students put in many hours to compete in this metro-wide competition, researching and selecting an interesting experiment, planning designing their projects, and writing a paper to describe their method in proving or disproving their hypotheses, all while keeping the inquiry and scoring standards in mind.